Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care

Taking care of your fiddle leaf fig may be complex and overwhelming, particularly if you are a first-time plant owner. In fact, according to Hieta garden, author of The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert , most fiddle leaf fig owners ‘ are time plant owners! This creates a tricky situation, since ficus lyrata could be specific about their demands.

You may not know the basics of houseplant maintenance or why good habits are important to your plant. Good care makes your plant stronger and more resistant to infection. And poor care creates a downward spiral of illness and difficulties. If you are having difficulty with your plant, do not give up! Follow these rules for a happy and healthy fiddle leaf fig.

Most fiddle leaf fig owners underestimate the amount of sunlight their plant needs. Native to Africa, fiddles adore the sun. Place your plant terrazzo pots in the sunniest area of your house, preferably at a south-facing window only out of direct sun.

Deficiency of drainage is among the most common difficulties that fiddle leaf fig owners face. With no fast-draining dirt and lots of room to drain, root rot can start in a hurry.

A plant’s root system is the basis of its health. Many people aren’t aware, yet to work properly, roots need both oxygen and water. Appropriate drainage enables your plant’s root system to breathe and keep healthy. Without adequate drainage, root rot can set in and destroy your plant.

Fiddle leaf

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Along with providing good drainage, it is important to allow your plant soil dry out a bit between waterings. Too much water is just one of the most frequent mistakes fiddle leaf fig owners make. Be conscious of your plant water requirements and make certain you aren’t penetrating your plant. Always err on the side of letting your fiddle leaf fig get overly dry, rather than overly wet.

Fiddle leaf fig plants require a lot of nutrients to grow their big leaves. Feed them with a liquid fertilizer like Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food once weekly, which is especially formulated with a NPK ratio of 3-1-2. Providing plenty of nourishment allows your plant to keep healthy and encourages new development.

Fiddle leaf fig plants are relatively slow growers, because their big leaves demand a lot of energy to build. This makes treating ailments quickly even more significant, as it takes them so long to recover from problems. Make sure you act fast if you see brown spots, leaf drop, or even an insect infestation.

In case your fiddle leaf fig is wholesome, its root system will start to outgrow its pot in a couple of decades. If you see roots growing near the floor or edges of the pot, it may be time to repot to present your plant more room to grow. If you have achieved your maximum container dimensions, topdress instead of repotting, by taking away the top four inches of dirt and replacing with new soil.

The best way to take decent care of your plant is to get to understand it better. Just take the time to check in your own fiddle leaf fig each week. To begin with, take a look a the soil to see whether it’s wet or dry before you water. Look at the leaves for any signs of wilting or brown spots. Rotate your plant to be certain it becomes sunlight. In the end, have a complete evaluation of your plant and make a note of any changes like new growth.