AEG Kitchen Connectivity and Design

This AEG connected ecosystem helps you get the most from your kitchen experience

Simon Bradford, VP Design Electrolux BA Europe, shares some great designs and connected solutions to help you get the most out of your kitchen experience.

AEG research shows that one of the most difficult phases in the cooking journey is planning. Most people have about 10-15 dishes at most they feel comfortable making.
With AEG connected solutions and our eco system of partners we’ll l show you how you can improve your repertoire in the kitchen.

Imagine you are in the supermarket and can’t remember what is in your fridge…The Smarter FridgeCam will help you with live updates from home

AEG know that people are interested in steam cooking but aren’t quite sure how to get the most out if it or even use it at home.
That’s where Steamify comes in – it takes away the guess work to provide great tasting results every time.

The connected Steam pro Smart oven also allows you to check on the progress of your meal from your smart device

Voice activation also has a place in the kitchen and really supports your flow so that can focus on what’s important.

As well as offering the award winning ComfortLift dishwasher we also have a connected offer. Updates sent to your phone provide tips to help you get the best performance


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