“All Vac” Weird 1960s Central Vacuum

One of those regional brands not seen outside of its home area (upstate NY), this was given to me by Scott of Marcy Central Vacuum in Utica, NY, who is as crazy for old and unique central vacuums as I am! Very interesting machine, with its locker-like enclosure, cyclonic separation, external relay and transformer, and aluminum pipe. These were installed with unique heavy cast metal square door wall inlets and had double pushbuttons under the door of each inlet.

source: https://actingschoolrome.com

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2 thoughts on ““All Vac” Weird 1960s Central Vacuum

  1. We can see they used a tight 90 instead of a long sweep 90 on the intake.
    It is literally the same color as a freestanding US mail box. A remote motor control is good but not a stitch of sound insulation foam to be found. When this was running, everyone in the neighborhood must have heard it. The aluminum tubing is a logical idea, though frankly, I've never had problems with piping decaying. I have had problems with 35 y.o. fittings that literally cracked and fell apart.

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