Cheap food in Da Nang Vietnam | Da Nang Vlog

Cheap Shopping and coffee in Da Nang VietnamFirst full day in Da Nang!

On the first day in Da Nang, we went searching for what was told to us to be the best coconut coffee in Da Nang Vietnam, We ended up at a beautiful place called Ka Cong coffee and restaurant, we then visit Boc My An market for some well-needed groceries, what we found was delicious fresh veggies and tofu at the cheapest price imaginable…we also stop for a great avocado and coconut ice cream shake, the food was so cheap…don’t miss that.

Da Nang Drone footage by We Seek To Explore:

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11 thoughts on “Cheap food in Da Nang Vietnam | Da Nang Vlog”

  1. Da Nang looks nice. When you say it is cheaper than Chiang Mai…like 5% cheaper or 25% ?
    …just wondering if that should be on our retirement radar.
    Thx Mike !

  2. Be sure to check out Mud Bistro for the best vegan pho I found in Da Nang. Also check out the Vegan Ramen shop. Both opened a couple months ago.

  3. I took my Thai wife to Vietnam and the locals kept trying to speak to her thinking that she was one of them it was hilarious to watch her shoot back at them a look of extreme confusion and then tell them in English that she was from Thailand but of course they didn't understand the English so they looked just as confused and eventually awkwardly turned and walked away and I swear that s*** happened every five minutes while we were there. utterly hilarious!😂😂😂

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