Night out In Da Nang Vietnam – Meeting the Locals

Taking a Night out in Da Nang Vietnam. The people are great here and we had a few drinks before heading out to down Town Da Nang Vietnam. It was amazing and we had ideas but the night just took over and we are completely in for doing what ever.

Life with Cameras. Vlogs and Films by Jeffrey Eatley. This is the Unfiltered, no holds bar, as it happens Autobiography of my life as a photographer and Creator, this is my “Life with Cameras”. Where will my camera take me next, who knows, but I am here to answer the question “WHAT’S NEXT”. The Adventure is on and you will get to see it all. I am chasing some pretty lofty goals in an attempt to create something larger than life. As of June 30th, 2019, I turn 40 years old and the next 10 years will be the prime of my life. I hope to inspire knowledge through experiences and I am doing this in order to document the most exciting, insane, rough, hardest part of my life. I will connect with amazing people, go to amazing places, and vlog it all will make a few over the top things along the way… It is what it is and I am enjoying every second.

We are raising money to fund the Documentary “THE GREATEST HONOR” My Fathers Journey back to Vietnam 50 years later. Here is the GOFUNDME ACCOUNT:

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