Ramsons Washer Extractor (Customer Site Video)

Fully Programmable PLC
24 Wash Programs can be stored
LCD Display showing complete messages (not just codes)
Ability to continue program from paused state (useful when there is a power loss)
Cycle time, wash temperature and water level are programmable
Standard 5 soap connection upgradeable to 12 soap connections
Provision to fit external, automatic soap dispenser
Auto chemical dosing via external dosing pumps is possible

“Japanese Inverter Drive(standard on all machines)”
Washing and Extraction RPM’s are programmable
Enables uniform acceleration of the motor. Prevents voltage fluctuation from affecting the motor.
LCD display showing current drawn, frequency, output voltage etc.

“Heavy Duty Bearing Housing & Pulley”
European (Swedish) manufactured Bearings designed to operate at 1000+ RPM (higher G Force)
High grade, close grain cast iron (GG25), balance and rugged bearing housing and pulley for longer life
Specially designed IMPORTED LIP seal which provides a longer life than conventional oil seals

All Ramsons washer extractors are free standing machine enabling high extraction speed/G forces.
Dual suspension technology – Spring suspension on top & shock absorber/spring suspension on bottom
Springs manufactured out of high yield strength spring steel alloy preventing any deformation
Complete Chrome Piston Rod shock absorbers generate a longer life time

source: https://actingschoolrome.com

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