Risking Your Life – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 22 Review

When you can have an entire episode all in one location with primarily dialogue driving it, yet it’s as exciting as any action scene, that’s how you know we hit the jackpot for anime.
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35 thoughts on “Risking Your Life – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 22 Review”

  1. All I can say about this review: No lies Detected! This is already top five best anime’s and I’m sure once this anime is complete it will be in the running of best Anime Ever! It’s simply phenomenal!

  2. As always you're the best at reviewing. As for this episode, the body language as you said was really on point. Great episode, a little slower but I think the show needed this, episodes 18-21 felt a little too quick. This episode helped ground the pacing back to what I'd consider appropriate/well done.

  3. Love your reviews of Demon Slayer– they are thoughtful, in-depth, and totally hits on all of the high notes and details of the episodes!! Do you have plans to do videos on specific aspects of Demon Slayer in the future? Like a video on all the Hashiras, all the breath styles, etc.? That would be amazing!

  4. Wounds are forever in KnY. If someone loses an arm or leg it's forever in this series and that's the end of their career. The reason they're so young is most are killed by Upper Moons.

  5. One great example of what you were talking about with the subtle body language- when the master held up a finger to silence the questions Tanjiro was getting about Kibutsuji (18:18 in the anime, for those interested to check themselves), all but Giyu had to reposition. Everyone else shifted, made a sound on the rocks, bowed their heads a little lower. When I first watched this, it moved too fast upon first viewing and I wondered "Giyu's been pretty quiet, respectful, and overall making a point to not make a fuss (I mean, why would he? he probably figured this would happen, and also came completely willingly). did he have to adjust?" and when I checked (and you can check for yourself!) Giyu did NOT reposition! He was in the same head bowed position the entire time, and instead of seeing them all in sync bow, you see all but Giyu.

    That to me speaks volumes about the subtle body language and characterization! I was able to predict his actions based simply on his personality and more importantly, the way he acted this episode.

    Demon Slayer has once again given us a phenomenal episode!

  6. I've seen a few people being mad that this was a 20 minute talk episode. I think these people need to understand that a great show can't have battle every 2 minute lol

  7. As I watch the Hashira I realize that these people have sacrificed everything to kill demons (vampires)…even their humanity….these people are monsters…you send a monster to kill a monster…Nezuko is going to prove that she is more human than they are by showing more restraint than they already have…I'm rooting for her…

  8. I really think Nezuko is gonna try to jump into the sun to get the snake hashira off of Tanjiro, like she'll be having an internal battle with the blood and Tanjiro will try to get up to help her before the snake guy digs his elbow in harder, causing Tanjiro to yelp in pain and probably break a rib considering how strong hashiras are, then Nezuko is gonna hear this, kick him and pull tanjiro to safety

    Don't know how she's gonna get past the sun issue thpugh

  9. It's pretty refreshing to see that the big boss of the corps is not another old character with the most OP power. To be able to convey authority with such a weak looking person is an achievement ufotable and the author should be proud of.

  10. First of all, damn KnY cliffhangers, they are annoying but so well placed.
    An excellent episode, we met a lot new people and finally get to know does the core of the Demon Hunters feels about a rookie hunter like Tanjiro who has a Demon as fighting partner.

    An very realistic approach that even if the Big Boss supports Tanjiro, most of the captains respectfully disagree as how unusual this situation is and been the demons the very enemy they fight. And having Sanemi completely reject the idea of a hunter and a demon working together been Demons their sworn enemies and their elimination the very reason this organization exist for, then step in their masters space with Nezuko, bully her and offer her his blood just to proof his point was bold move.

    I take my hat off to the pillars VA cuz each one sounds as unique as they looks, great job.

    Can’t wait to watch how this resolves.

  11. This episode was completely gripping I don’t know how they keep doing it with this show, I would like to see nezuko run out into the sun to tanjiro I think that would beautifully illustrate their bond to the hashiras and more or less convince them of tanjiro, giyu, and urokodakis sincerity

  12. I love listening to you talk 😂 but, yes, all of this. I loved that everyone didn't just blindly follow what the leader said. I hope Nezuko gets cute and hugs him or bandages his arm lol

  13. Great thoughtful reaction as always! Thinking of the world and themes being presented to us and putting it all together to assess character actions. Yes, the demon slayer corps is not a dictatorship. Its members can have their own thoughts and opinions and voice them. They show the leader respect but it’s not unthinking loyalty. Highlighting character actions and motivations and why they make sense, this is why I look forward to these reviews. The author is really trying to build a world. And it looks like she keeps coming back to details that were presented in earlier chapters. According to Urokodaki, to paraphrase. Nezuko has shown great mental strength in resisting demonic urges. The Master says he thinks Nezuko is turning into something Muzan never expected. Quietly putting these ideas out there, wonder what the author is building towards

  14. Man, that Shinazugawa guy is really trying to kill Nezuko by dripping his blood near her. I bet there's gonna be a great battle between them and this time, Tanjiro won't be a part of it. Demon Slayer is an awesome anime. Other than that, cool.

  15. The brutality of the wind Hashira felt harsher seeing it animated. They seem to extend those scenes. They did the same when Innosuke was kicking Zenitsu for protecting Nezuko. I couldn't help but twist in my seat with those stabs!

  16. it’s kinda annoying how hateful some people are with the pillars who want to kill Nezuko xD like remember: she’s just another demon to them, Nezuko isn’t important

  17. Thanks for letting me know that the review is out, YT, you are really helpful.
    Okay, mini-rant aside, what a great episode. I've always been a fan of stories or arcs that take place in a single location and are primarily dialogue-driven (Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorite Tarantino movies, for example). Hashiras are interesting and unique, I really want to see more of them (especially from the religious monk one, I really like him). Even though we don't agree with their decision to not trust Tanjiro, we can still understand their point of view.
    Glad to see a little bit more of Urokodaki. I didn't even realize how much I miss him.
    This cliffhanger though… Goddammit, you don't do this, KnY! How the hell am I waiting an entire week now?

  18. I was so focused into watching this episode, learning the top demon slayers names, wondering what was going to happen to Tanjiro & Nezuko and it just ended at the top of my excitement. When that happens, you know you watched another great episode.

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