46 thoughts on “Shark Anti Hair Wrap Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review”

  1. I bought a Shark vacuum from Costco after our Dyson Animal Ball died, it cleaned very well but after the third use the brush roller completely seized, so not impressed! I returned it and bought the bagless Miele dog & cat canister vac, which is awesome but 5x the price, I own two cordless Dyson V8’s for quick cleaning but both of the batteries died completely in ~13 months, under warranty it took a few months to get new batteries as they were back ordered, Dyson is dead to me, crappy support and they stop making parts for their older machines trying to force you to buy new. Anyway, hopefully your Sharks last longer than mine, it did a good job for the three weeks I owned it. 😩

  2. hi Rodger this is Mike I just wanted to give you an update since the last time I sent you the question during your unboxing video.I had to send my unit back because the motor and the power brush wasn't working properly it wouldn't turn on half the time and that was only after a month-and-a-half of use. Also I felt that the locking mechanism on the end of the hose wasn't going to stand up to the test of time.also I did not like the mini power brush attachment you would think for that price that they could have made an electric version.and the reason why I didn't like it is because it does bog down like many other are driven power brushes. I will say this the amount of suction power is amazing and it did do well when it did work. But I just wanted to give you and your viewers an update on the durability of the particular

  3. That looks a fab hoover. I love the colour of this shark but I would want a cordless 1. I wonder if they do a cordless version with the anti hair rap head?

  4. Great video on the vacuum cleaners. Have you done a tour of the holiday cottage on rogers bits and doings.

  5. I'm not a fan of cordless vacs. Every time I need to use my wife's Dyson for a quick clean up it runs out of juice. I'll take any corded vac any day of the week. Our main vac is a Shark NV 650.

  6. I’m not sure if you’ve come across the Zero-M UV700 model yet. It’s the Costco version in the US. I’d like to see your thoughts, and how it compares to this Zero-M Uplight review.

  7. Great machine love it for my smaller house doent take up much room to store it. Bought it a week ago and im impressed with how much power it has.

  8. Hi Roger. Another great, thorough demonstration. How do you clean the anti hair wrap brush roll? Would you recommend this model for homes without pets? It’s $199 on Shark’s site in the US, but it only comes with two attachments. They make it sound like it’s a great deal – $200 off/half price – but I never see new Shark models discounted this much a month after it launched.

  9. hi Rodger this is mike. I just wanted to thank you for demonstrating that for me since I asked that question back in your unboxing video. I'm really impressed with how well that worked

  10. Wow, they surely must never hoover the property, I always thought Vax upright hoovers are excellent at cleaning…. I think in this case we can blame the cleaners for the lack of cleaning….. think you ought to send this video to the owners……

  11. I really want this! We have a Dyson V6 now- but I want an upgrade. It would be interesting to see you hoover over with the hoover that is in the home and then go over it with one you’ve brought with you. I seem to recall- either you, or someone else I’ve watched in the past- used to do this. And the stuff that still came up after already hoovering with the one vacuum was absolutely shocking!

  12. I feel like the idea is there but also the clunky is there as well. And there filters get soo bad very quick

  13. WOW! just Wow! do the Owners even clean their carpets?! please Roger recommend them some decent Vacuum Cleaners!!! 🙂

  14. Why not just make a vacuum cleaner, that's pick up the shit, and good filters.
    Every 4 months Shark as a new model but the same bits, just bolt on,s.

  15. Very impressive ! I have a couple older models (1 year old) but they don't have that new self cleaning hair roller thingie though….but I still love them !

  16. Shark machines often look to me like they would be top heavy with alot of weight at the top making them unstable. I guess they aren't though.

  17. Those Vax machines are good, they have great pickup. The only way you'd get so much from the Shark would be down to the owners not vacuuming very diligently between lets.

  18. This shark is awesome Roger. Either the house wasn't cleaned very often or this is a lot better than the vax. Shame you had this though. I was going to get you this for CHRISTMAS. Lol. How's the sightseeing going in North Wales. ?

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