QF | MS | Kento MOMOTA (JPN) [1] vs. Viktor AXELSEN (DEN) [7] | BWF 2019

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19 thoughts on “QF | MS | Kento MOMOTA (JPN) [1] vs. Viktor AXELSEN (DEN) [7] | BWF 2019

  1. Momota is Alexsen's worst nightmare. So sad that no matter how good and talented Alexsen is he will never ever beat Momota at least not in this lifetime

  2. In fairness w Axelsen, he fight & played so well this time around, unfortunately his best is not enough for the King of Badminton at present, Momota..

  3. Japanese badminton has no future because none of its players can smash. All of them only know defense but not offense.

  4. This felt like a final match, well played Axelsen! He improved a lot in the 2nd game, it’s frustrating to see him play like the 1st game most of the time against Momota. But again, congratulations Momota, his quality against all types of play is superb.

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