Spike Nano Seconds Episode 3: Drip Tray

In order to introduce the new 1bbl Spike Nano System, we created a group of short videos to explain its unique features. This series, called Nano Seconds, is a sample of the many innovations the product has to offer. This episode highlights the drip tray.

You can learn more about the Spike Brewing Nano System here:

source: https://actingschoolrome.com

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One thought on “Spike Nano Seconds Episode 3: Drip Tray

  1. At first I was digging these – I'll end up watching them all. The 'nano' format is a funny play on the nano system… But man it's become pretty annoying to have to click through so many and watch the same intro over and over every 40 seconds. Would it have killed you to do a longer edit with all of the features?

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