Tool Zone Modular Building | Global Bricks Brick Review GB1901

——————– UPDATE!!!! Store is back up

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Thanks so much to Jason at Global Bricks for reaching back out and sending me this set to review for you guys.

Finally a new alternative Lego brick brand that is new and original.

Now remember this is the first modular and build from them, so it’s not perfect, but it’s a great start and a fun build which is more important for me and hopefully for you and it’s compatible with Lego Bricks.

We don’t sell it on our store, yet, but do support them and give Jason and the team a shout out!

Before you mention about pricing just know that a lot of thought went into producing the set and months of trial and error to get it out, we are lucky it exist and you can have one to fill your modular needs.

If they get enough support they’ll release more!
#globalbricks #toolzone #modular

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A special thanks to Shriro Hong Kong. If you have any interest in the Macro (close up shots) in the videos please do check them out if you’re interested in Zeiss and be sure to see if they have offices in you’re area (mostly Asia) and ask for demos, because you never know!

More info on the Lens used below:

and the much older 100mm which we can use long term!

About the DJI Osmo Pocket Camera:

For all you camera geeks, details on what I used below (for most of the videos).

Sony’s FS700 with Zeiss FE2.8 4k Raw to pro res. Used for all the extreme close ups.

Sony’s FS5 4k UHD to 4K pro res with Fujinon 18-55mm. Used for my face…

Slow motion was all shot in 2K raw to pro res.

Falcon Eye for all lights.


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